Food Combination Chart

Every edible plant that blooms, blossoms, and cultivates on this earth is a vegetable. This is why the “VEGetation” eaten on our “TABLE” is called a “veg-table“. The “vegetation” are parts of the plant that are scientifically classified as a vegetable, which would be the roots, leaves, stems and branches. Meanwhile – the fruit is the part of the plant that contains flesh with seed(s).

The seeds may be hidden inside of the fruit, or they may be exposed. The fruit is considered to be the reproductive part of the plant. These parts would be the flesh, buds, flowers, and flower tops.

This Food Combinations Chart contains detailed information on how to combine citrus fruits with sub-citrus fruits and how to combine either one with different types of vegetables whether starchy or non starchy.

Food Combination Chart. This is a JPG document that can be opened on any device.