Geo’Genetics Therapeutic Diet Program

Eating correctly plays a very crucial role in your health; especially while healing and detoxing the body, mind & spirit. Every time you move up a level on the chart you’re cleansing the body’s Lymphatic System on deeper and more intra-cellular level. This chart allows you to move back and forth between each protocol as you feel your way through your healing.
(Note To Self, Results May Vary If Recommended Instructions Are Not Followed)

This Geo’Genetics Therapeutic Diet Program contains detailed information about the Geo’Genetics Therapeutic Protocols and Packages for each week and level. You should also download the Food Combinations Chart, the Healing Crisis chart, and the Herbal Instructions Sheet.

Geo’Genetics Therapeutic Diet Program. This is a PDF document that can be opened on any device. You will need adobe acrobat or any similar app that can read pdf files in order to view this information document file.