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The FAQ page was created to assist you with any questions you may have concerning your health, healing, Yah’ki Awakened, LLC herbal compounds and more.

For answers to questions not answered here, please contact us. Allow at least five (5) business days for a response.

Are Yah'ki Awakened products safe?

All herbs used in our products are 100% naturally organic and are selectively picked and tested by a laboratory before use. Each herbal compound is personally prepared with gratification for the purpose of restoring health to our clients.

If you have any questions or concerns about any of our products, please contact us or simply message us via live chat. We are happy to assist you.

How long will it take to recieve my order?
It takes up to ten (10) business days to process each order. It takes an additional 5-10 business days for shipping and handling. It may take up to six weeks for delivery. If you place an order today, do not expect your package before thirty (30) business days. Most orders do not take a full 30 business days, however if for any reason your order has not arrived, please allow this amount of time before contacting us.
You may also track your order directly through this website. Go to my account, enter your email address and order number to track your order.
How can I track my order?

After your order is processed, you will receive an email with your tracking number. You may track your order on your My Account page.

4-6 weeks seems pretty long. What should I be doing while waiting on my package?
You are responsible for your own healing process! The purpose of the consultation and herbal packages is to facilitate the healing process. While you are waiting for your package, you should be researching and preparing yourself for a successful healing process.
Please download and read the “What to do While Waiting for My Herbs” document that shares great tips on how to fully prepare for your healing process before your herbs arrive.
I am very ill and need my herbal package ASAP. Will I have to wait 4-6 weeks for my package?
If it is determined by Yah’ki or our designated staff that you need an emergency herbal package during your consultation, there is an option to pay an additional rush fee in the amount of $100 for expedited processing and shipping. Emergency herbal packages will be processed, packaged and shipped within 72 hours of payment if all herbal botanicals are available.
What are the instructions on consuming my herbal products?

If you are not on a Treatment Protocol or Herbal Package, please refer to the directions on the labels. If you are on a Treatment Protocol or Herbal Package, follow the instruction sheet provided on this website under the “Document Downloads” tab.

Why are my emails and phone calls being ignored?
Your phone calls and emails are important to us and are not being ignored. Due to the massive amount of DM, Facebook Messages and phone calls received daily, it is impossible to get to all of them each day. The best way to speak with Yah’ki or a staff member is to book a consultation here on this website.
For other inquiries, email [email protected]. Please allow at least 3-5 business days for an email response.
Can you consume meat while using Yah'ki Awakened Herbal Products?
Meat, which are complex proteins, cannot be consumed while healing and taking Yah’ki Awakened Herbs. The consumption of meat will inhibit the body from being able to heal itself. When consuming Yah’ki herbs, you must follow the specified diet programs.
Can I take meds with my herbs?
Taking medications with your herbs is discussed during initial phone consultations. Understand that Yah’ki is a Master Herbalist & Master Reiki Healer and that he is not a medical doctor. Also understand that only a medical doctor can diagnose and prescribe treatment for diseases and illnesses. Yah’ki recommends that all herbs should be taken at least an hour and a half before consuming prescription medications.
Can I take herbs and herbal products while pregnant?

Pregnant women must do a consultation to determine which herbs and herbal products are safe to consume during pregnancy.

Can children take herbal products?
All herbs can be custom made with the appropriate dosage for children.
What if the herbs are too powerful for me?

If the herbs are too powerful, complete the form below.

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Peace, Love, Light and Healing!

Thank you for reaching out to Yah'ki Awakened Customer Website Support. We appreciate your patience and value your time.

For information regarding our seed program, please send an email to [email protected]

Thank you for choosing Yah'ki Awakened.
We do NOT provide shipping estimates or track orders because we do not have that capability in this department. For our shipping policy, visit yahkiawakened.com/shipping.   Once you place your order on the website, processing may take between 5 and 10 business days. Our business schedule is Monday - Friday 9am - 4pm CST and we do not process orders on weekends, US holidays or holydays To track your order, log in and go to "my account" then click on "orders". From there, you will see the orders you've placed. Click on the order number in question and if the item has shipped, you will see the tracking number for that order on the right side. If it hasn't shipped, it will show the current status on that page along with the last time it was updated. Awaiting fulfillment means your order is still being processed and the requested items are not ready to be delivered or provided. The fulfillment process includes gathering the herbs since all of our products are hand-crafted and made to order, packaging, performing quality checks, and arranging for shipping and delivery.

Once the fulfillment process is complete, the status of your order will be changed to "shipped" Indicating that the items are on the way to the member. The longest stage of the order is the fulfillment stage because we have to make your order or package by hand. This is the reason why processing and shipping takes so long.

We ask that you be patient while we prepare your order to give you the top quality products that you are paying for on your journey to healing.
Due to restrictions on herbal products and/or Dietary Supplements, we are unable to ship to the following countries listed on our Shipping page here: yahkiawakened.com/shipping/ If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to reach out. However, we cannot answer questions such as "when will my order ship?" or "where is my order?" because we do not have access to that information in this department. Again, thank you for choosing Yah'ki Awakened. 
What kind and how much water should I drink daily?
You should consume distilled water, natural spring, or thermal spring water. One should at least consume 60 ounces of water a day. The recommended fruits will provide additional hydration, as they consist of water called H3O, which also hydrates the body.
Can I break the capsules into water?
This is not recommended. When you break the capsules into water and drink them, you dilute the effectiveness of the capsule dosage. However, this may be acceptable for children under the age of 12.
What if I can’t swallow capsules?
All capsules are available in liquid form by special request.
If I break my diet, will my herbs still work? What should I do?

If you break the diet by eating foods that are not listed on the food combination sheet or amino acid therapy diet program, you compromise the effectiveness of the herbs. It is strongly suggested that if you break your diet, try the herbs again once you are committed to healing and only eating foods that promote healing.

Depending on the amount of non-recommended food you’ve eaten and the amount of herbs you have taken before breaking your diet, you may have to reorder your herbal package.

All Herbs Are Organic, Alkaline, and Naturally Wildcrafted From the Land of their Origin

All herbs used in our products are 100% naturally organic and are selectively chosen for our protocols. Most of our herbs are also tested by a laboratory before use. Each herbal compound is personally prepared with absolute gratitude for the purpose of restoring health to our clients.

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